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WELCOME TO is an online trademark registration initiative of BMC.

BMC is the first ISO 9001:2008 certified IPR services company in India. BMC is selected among Top 100 Small Businesses for the Year 2010 by Franchising World Magazine, which stands testimony to the quality and process standards of our team. is a leading Trademark registration company in Mumbai.

Trademark Registration In Mumbai

Mumbai is a financial capital of India, which opens door to enormous business opportunities to different kinds and scales of enterprises. This obvious financial attraction also invites apparent business challenges and threats. One among such challenge is infringement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) i.e. misuse of goodwill of the brand.

A company’s brand is the primary source of its competitive advantage and is a very valuable strategic asset. We understand and appreciate the fact that protecting the Brand or Corporate Identity is basis of all business strategies and also expands future business opportunities.

Our dedicated team assists you in simple, comprehensive and economical way of filing your Trademark and protecting it from possible infringement from competitors.

Steps Involved In TM Registration In Mumbai

Following are the different steps involved in the process of Trademark registration in Mumbai.

1. Trademark Search: It is advisable to conduct a trademark search for the relevant classes before filing the application to register a trademark in order to     make sure that there is no identical or similar trademark already registered or for which an application for registration has been submitted.
2. Filing of an application for registration by a person claiming to be the proprietor of a trademark, in the office of the Trade mark Registry, within the     territorial limits of the place of business in India.

Trademark and Copyright Registration

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